I am proud that I played in front of over 300 people. you may have read in my ‘My Life’ post that I played in front of over 300 people. Also you may have read in my ‘Family Celebrations (Christmas)’ that I played in the Christmas play at my church and that is where I played in  front of over 300 people. I am proud of my self for doing it even though I only played 1 song.

 I played the song ‘I Celebrate the Day’ by RelientK. I played it on my Simon and Patrick electric-acoustic guitar and we had a Guitar Player (me), a piano player (my cousin), 2 drum players (2 of my friends), and a bass player (my cousins friend).  

 I really enjoyed playing  and I want to do it again. Hope you have a nice day and remeber kids eat your veggies.

Family Celebration (Christmas)

Our familly always celebrates christmas. We do a secret santa so we have names in a hat and we choose one and then we by a gift for them. We always have a play at our church and this year I got to play the guitar in the play it was alot of fun and of course we always get presents. My favourite gift this year was a Digitech RP255 guitar effects pedal.

Internet Safety

Internet safety is very important. It protects you from viruses. A kid in my class said that there was a thing on the internet that said if you joined a group then you would get a free iphone 4 well that is what you have to look out for because if you clicked on it you would probably get a virus. Another kid in my class had a pop up that said he won alot of money and he clicked on it and now he has a virus.

My Widget Choice

I have a few widgets two of them are guitar widgets and I chose them because I play guitar and really like it. I chose my weather widget because it’s good to know the weather. I chose my penguin becuase my favouriye animal is a puffin and a penguin is the closest to a puffin but way better. I have my revolver map gecause I want to know how many visitors I get. I have my blogroll to have other people get a lot of visits and because it is apart of the challenge. I chose the Magic 8 Ball because it’s fun and cool. I have my poll, translator, and avatar because it is apart of the challenge.